Discussion on Feminist Peace at Tiedekulma on 5 October

Helsinki Gender, Peace and Security researcher collective and Finland National Committee for UN Women organize a discussion on feminist peace as a part of the Utopias of Peace programme.

Time: Thursday 5 October, 2017, starting at 14:15 pm
Venue: Tiedekulma, Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki

14:15-15:15 What would feminist peace look alike?
Why women have become wary of “peace” that too often translates into violent peace?
How does (anti)racist speech and actions coincides with gendered peace?
How can we build inclusive feminist peace?

Journalist, writer, scholar, and human rights activist Rita Manchanda and researcher and member of anti-racist research network RASTER Minna Seikkula will talk about (im)possibilities of feminist peace and security. Manchanda is specialized on the intersection of gender studies with peace and security issues within the context of South Asia with particular attention to vulnerable and marginalised groups, that is,women, minorities, indigenous peoples and forcibly displaced persons. Seikkula’s field is anti-racist activism and feminist intersectional theories. She will reflect the topic in connection to themes made topical by current activist intitatives in Finland.

15:15-16:45 Boiling Point -documentary (90 min)
Let’s not wage hate; instead, let’s treat each other with respect. Director-writer Elina Hirvonen’s first feature is a documentary that depicts the two sides of an angry and divided Finland: asylum seekers and an anti-immigrant street patrol group called Soldiers of Odin.
Languages: Finnish, English
Subtitles: English, Finnish

A very warm welcome to the event!
Please see the full Utopias of Peace programme from here.

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